Beaujolais Nouveau

beaujolais nouveau 16th Nov

Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day in the Mayenne: 16th November 2023

Every year, wine enthusiasts around the world eagerly anticipate the third Thursday of November for a celebration that transcends borders and cultures—the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau. This vibrant and young red wine hails from the Beaujolais region in France. Beaujolais is a historical province and wine-producing region located north of Lyon, and covers parts of the departments of Rhône and Saône-et-Loire.

A Brief History:

Beaujolais Nouveau Day began as a local custom, with winemakers marking the end of the harvest season by producing a fresh and fruity wine to share among friends and family. Over time, this local tradition evolved into a global phenomenon. At the core of the celebration is the wine itself. Made from Gamay grapes, this red wine is celebrated for its light and fruity profile. Unlike other red wines that benefit from aging, Beaujolais Nouveau is designed to be enjoyed young. Its production process is marked by a unique method called carbonic maceration, which imparts the wine with its distinctive flavors of red berries, banana (!), and a hint of bubblegum.

On the Day:

Beaujolais Nouveau Day is the worldwide unveiling of the new vintage. Winemakers and enthusiasts alike eagerly await the stroke of midnight on the third Thursday of November, marking the official release of Beaujolais Nouveau. The moment is met with celebrations, parties, and a collective toast to the craftsmanship that goes into creating this year’s wine. While the heart of Beaujolais Nouveau Day lies in France, the celebration has become a global event. From Tokyo to New York, wine enthusiasts gather to revel in the arrival of the fresh vintage. Restaurants, bars, and vineyards host special events, offering tastings, pairings, and live entertainment.

Food Pairings:

The wine’s light and fruity nature make it a versatile companion to various dishes. Traditional pairings include charcuterie, cheeses, and light appetizers. Its low tannin content and refreshing acidity also make it an excellent match for chicken and other white meat but it doesn’t have the same depth as a matured red wine so avoid pairing it with beef.

Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile* or a casual wine enthusiast, Beaujolais Nouveau Day invites everyone to raise a glass in appreciation of tradition, craftsmanship, and the shared love for good wine. So, mark your calendars, gather your friends, and join the global festivities in toasting the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau—where every sip is a celebration of life and camaraderie. Cheers!

*Oenophilia is a love of wine. In the strictest sense, oenophilia describes a disciplined devotion to wine, accompanying strict traditions of consumption and appreciation. In a general sense however, oenophilia simply refers to the enjoyment of wine, often by laymen. Wikipedia