Advertise Your Business in the Mayenne 53 Magazine

Welcome to the premier platform for advertising your business or services in Mayenne 53 Magazine, the go-to publication for English speakers living in or visiting the Mayenne, NW France. Our next printed edition is set to hit the stands in Spring 2024, making this the perfect opportunity to showcase your offerings to a diverse and engaged audience.

Why Advertise with Us?

Mayenne 53 Magazine is a trusted source of information and inspiration for the English-speaking community in the Mayenne region. Our magazine covers a wide range of topics, ensuring your advertisement reaches a broad and receptive audience. Here are some of the key sections we feature:

  • Editorial & News
  • Places to Visit
  • Shopping Guide
  • Leisure Guide
  • Accommodation
  • Property
  • Dining Out
  • What’s On
  • Business
  • Gardening
  • Life in Mayenne
Advertise Your Business in the Mayenne
Advertise Your Business in the Mayenne

We offer a variety of advertising options to suit your needs, from full-page spreads to smaller listings. Our team will work closely with you to create an attention-grabbing advertisement that aligns with your brand and message.

Why Choose Mayenne 53 Magazine?

Reach an Engaged Audience: Our readers are actively seeking information on the Mayenne region, making it a prime platform for local businesses and services.

Quality Content: Mayenne 53 Magazine is known for its informative and engaging articles, ensuring a dedicated readership.

Long Shelf Life: Our print editions have a lasting presence, with readers referencing back issues for months to come.

Online Presence: Extend your reach further with an online presence through our website and social media platforms.

Website Advertising:

Business Directory: Featured Listing (per category):

Get a high-profile listing for your business in our comprehensive business directory, making it easier for our online readers to find your services.

Price: 5€ per month for a 12-month term.

Home Page Advert/Banner:

Place your banner or advertisement prominently on our home page to attract the attention of visitors as soon as they arrive on our website.


15€ per month for 12 months

20€ per month for 6 months

25€ per month for 3 months

Printed Edition Advertising (Spring 2024):

Please note that the layout is subject to confirmation in January 2024.

Feature Articles:

Showcase your business or service in a feature article within our print edition. Engage our readers with a detailed and informative piece.

Price: 125€ for 1/3 of an A4 page 175€ for 1/2 of an A4 page 325€ for a full A4 page

Front Page Advert:

Make a bold statement with your advertisement on the front page of our magazine. Be the first thing our readers see.


150€ for a 13 x 6 cm advert 90€ for a 7 x 6 cm advert

Back Page Advert:

Secure your spot on the back page to ensure a lasting impression for your business.


90€ for a 12 x 4.5 cm advert

Mid Pages:

Place your advertisement within the mid pages of our magazine for effective visibility and engagement.


50€ for a 7 x 6 cm advert 75€ for a 7 x 14 cm advert (subject to availability)


We print 4000 copies of the magazine and distribute them throughout the department. The magazine is FREE and is funded entirely from our advertising revenue. From supermarkets to Doctor’s surgeries, we are constantly increasing our list of stockists. See the current list HERE.

Discounts Available:

Take advantage of discounted rates when you book three or more advertisements, making it even more cost-effective to showcase your business or services across our platforms.

To advertise your business in the Mayenne, discuss your specific needs, or learn more about our advertising options, please contact our advertising team at We’re here to assist you in making a strong impression within the Mayenne community and reaching a wider audience through Mayenne 53 Magazine. Don’t miss this opportunity to shine a light on your business in our next edition: Spring 2024.