With temperatures dropping again next week, there’s no better time to try cooking this amazing 🇫🇷French Soup🇫🇷.
To download the recipe click on this link: https://mayenne53.com/…/2023/02/French-Onion-Soup-1.pdf

Gorron 53120

Boulevard Faverie was closed to traffic on Thursday, February 2 and Friday, February 3, for a construction project. A security perimeter was in place to allow a company to carry out a diagnosis of the state of the church spire as part of the renovation work on this spire.


Quelaines-Saint-Gault 53360

This Friday, police intercepted a car speeding in Quelaines-Saint-Gault, a village located in the Pays de Craon. The motorist was travelling at 195 km / h on a road limited to 80.

At that speed, you can go from Mayenne to Laval in 9 1/2 minutes!

115 km / h above the authorized speed of 80. Driver’s license withdrawn on the spot, vehicle impounded and summons to court soon.


La Baconnière 53240

There will be a demonstration against the demolition of the church at La Baconnière 53240 on Saturday 4th February at 11am.


Several unions have called for cross-sector strike action and demonstrations on Tuesday 7 and Saturday 11 February. Industrial action may start the evening before a strike day and run until the morning after.

Localised or sector specific strikes could also occur outside these dates. Industrial action may lead to disruption to services. Please check the latest advice with operators before travelling, avoid demonstrations and follow the advice of local authorities.

Gorron 53120

Here is the video of the next flea market in Gorron on February 4th and 5th! (6 rue des frères lumière 53120, from 9 am to 6:30 pm).


New figures have just been released for crime statistics by department in 2022.

Here is the rate per 1000 inhabitants for the Mayenne:

Home burglaries: 3.6

Voluntary blows and wounds: 3.6

Voluntary destruction and damage: 6.2

Scams: 5.3

Drug trafficking: 0.3

Drug use: 3.7

Domestic violence: 2.2

Sexual violence:1.3

Thefts with weapons: 0.03

Vehicle theft: 0.7

Thefts without violence against people: 4.5

Violent robberies without a weapon: 0.3

Average crimes and misdemeanors: 2.42

There are approximately 300,000 people living in the Mayenne so you can multiply those figures by 300 to get actual crime numbers.


Lovely newspaper article about La Joie Restaurant in La Pellerine 53220 in Le Courrier de la Mayenne.


La Joie, 2, rue de Bretagne 53220 La Pellerine Phone : 09 75 40 52 33. Open Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., Friday and Saturday evening from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.


The Mayenne/Devises twinning association

The Association have organised a trip to Devizes (England) from 16 to 19 June 2023. People will be welcomed in English families. Please note that a passport is now required. Registrations are open until May 10th. Single fee: 120 € / person

Contact and registration with Corinne DELEURME :

corinne.deleurme@mairie-mayenne.net or 02 43 30 21 13

2023 Motocross Championship – Ernée 53500

Attention Gite Owners and B&B’s

The date of the Ernée Motocross championship 2023 has been changed. It will now take place on October 7th & 8th, instead of 21st & 22nd October.

Ticket holders have been notified.

Change of date of the Motocross of Nations 2023

We inform you that the date of the Motocross of Nations 2023 has been brought forward to October 7 and 8 for reasons related to the modification of the international Motocross calendar. In agreement with In Front, promoter of the World Championship, and the French Motocycling Federation, the Moto Club d’Ernée has accepted the challenge of changing the date.

Well aware that this change has a significant impact on ticket holders, we offer you two options:

-either you keep your ticket and you will attend the Motocross of Nations on October 7 and 8

-or you wish to be refunded.

In any case, you will receive an email very soon with all the details.

Moreover, to allow spectators wishing to attend the MXoN 2023 following this change of date, the promotional offer is extended until 28.02.23.

Ticketing and information: www.motoclubernee.com



Do you (or does someone you know) run a business in the Mayenne department? We are currently updating our FREE online Business Directory. To register, simply fill in the form HERE: https://mayenne53.com/directory-listing/

Did you know that out of the 450000 tourists who visited Mayenne last summer, 21% ¹ were foreign tourists? That’s 94,500 potential customers whose first language is NOT French.

With over 8000 holiday homes in the department, it’s estimated³ that over 60% are owned by British families – often hosting their extended families or renting out their properties on Airbnb etc.

Then add in the 2399 British adults (and their families) who have registered as permanent residents in Mayenne since Brexit.

That’s our audience at www.mayenne53.com

You can also register to be a distribution point for the Spring/Summer printed edition lower down on the same page.

Fundraising for the survivors of Trans house fire.

Following the tragic death of a mother and her 3 children in a house fire in Trans last week, a fundraiser has been set up for funeral costs and to help the surviving child (2 years old). The father is still in critical condition in hospital. Investigators for the prosecutor of the Republic of Laval had announced that the fire had started from the chimney of the house, “thereby confirming the cause as accidental “


Traffic holdup this morning (Thursday 2nd Feb):

It will take extra time to make the Rennes/Laval trip this Thursday, February 2. A “snail” operation is underway. Traffic is slow between Chateaubourg and the Gravelle toll, on the RN 157. This is a demonstration by truckers against the price of diesel.


La Haie Traversaine 53300

3 wind turbines are currently under construction near the D23 between La Haie Traversaine and Mayenne. To be operational later this year.


“France Services” centres have been set up across the department to support you in all your daily administrative procedures within a one-stop shop.

The objective is to offer a wide range of services to the public, in particular in rural areas.

Their aims are:

to provide information (answers to questions, support for day-to-day administrative procedures such as benefit applications , tax forms, renewal of identity papers, driving license and car registration document, etc. )

help people use the internet/technology (creation of an e-mail address, printing or scanning of documents necessary for the constitution of administrative files, etc.)

assistance with online procedures (browsing on operator sites, simulation of benefits, requesting documents online, etc.)

advisory services for the resolution of certain problems by referring to partner networks.

To find your nearest office, check out our website:

Chailland 53420

It’s all happening in Chailland!!!

In the small village of Chailland, Tiphaine and Louis Faguer welcome guests from all over. “But the people of Mayenne also come for the weekend” smiles the hostess. Because this Chaillandais couple shares a real passion for this small city of character. “I was from all over the place and nowhere and I really took root here” testifies Tiphaine. Together, they renovated this family home and created a cottage: Le Logis du Champs du Meslier.


The couple are also invested in maintaining a Chaillandaise institution: The Hotel des Voyageurs. “The restaurant closed a few months ago, explains Louis Faguer. For me it was impossible to accept”. So, with two other inhabitants, they decided to resume the activity. https://hotel-voyageurs-chailland.fr/

They also belong to the APOM. The association for the Oral Heritage of Mayenne who organize various events around traditional dances and music . On February 11, they will offer an introduction to dance from 5 p.m. in the multipurpose room. The evening will continue with a folk ball and the Aubépine group, from Poitou.


Not long til Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for romantic things to do, check out our guide to Romance in the Mayenne: https://mayenne53.com/romance/

Read about the star-crossed lovers from Château-Gontier:

Trace the footsteps of the ill-fated lovers: Lucréce Mercier and Georges Cadoudal. Lucrece was the sister of Pierre-Mathurin who became a general in 1792 and found himself at the head of 300,000 strong royalist army during the Vendée uprising. Their family owned the inn: Hôtellerie du Louvre in Château Gontier.

Pierre and his friend Georges Cadoudal, captain of a company of Bretons, sought refuge in the inn during the winter of 1793 after a heavy defeat. Georges and Lucréce fell madly in love and were soon engaged but Georges returned to lead his men against the republican forces.

They reunited briefly in 1795 but the royalist army was doomed and Georges was executed at the guillotine in Paris in 1804. Devastated, Lucréce took the veil and the name of Sister Saint-Paul joining the Ursuline convent in 1809 . She died in 1831 .

Leave behind the timber-framed houses of the old town and walk along the river, heading towards the sumptuous Maison Marsollier Restaurant for a love-affirming, first-class dinner!

Films in English 01/02/23 – 07/02/23

Job dating events in February for young people looking for summer work, organised by:


Demonstration against Pension Reforms – Laval 31/01/23

All the unions are calling for a new strike and a new major demonstration in Laval on Tuesday, January 31 .

Between 7,500 and 8,000 people demonstrated on January 19 against the raising of the retirement age to 64 and the acceleration of the extension of the contribution period.

“An unjust and brutal project”

All the trade unions reaffirm their opposition “to this unfair and brutal pension reform project”. In a press release dated January 27, 2023, the unions denounce “the feverish communication and the confused pedagogy of the Government. This reform is not a source of progress, quite the contrary. There are other ways of funding pension funds. »

“We are united, determined over time to make the Government and parliamentary representation understand that the majority of French people reject this reform. »

Tuesday, January 31 at 11 a.m.

“We call on the entire population of Mayenne to mobilize, through strikes and demonstrations, gathering in Laval on Tuesday January 31 in Boston Square at 11 a.m. from where the inter-union procession will leave. »


New Opening Times – Decheteries in NW Mayenne

Dechetteries (Recycling Centres) in North-West Mayenne will change to Spring/Summer opening times from Wednesday 1st February.

Fatal house fire at 53160 Trans

The 42-year-old father escaped from the fire with a the two-year-old child whose life is not in danger. The man, meanwhile, “helicoptered in a state of absolute emergency” to hospital in critical condition.

The mother, aged 37, and three children aged 13, 4 and 3 years old died in the fire.


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