Today’s classic French recipe is Beef Bourguignon.

If you are prepared to put a whole bottle of red wine into a meal rather than your glass, then this is for you! Download the full recipe for free HERE!


Be careful in the streets of Mayenne. A man, with suspicious behavior, has been reported to the gendarmerie who are looking for him. The alert was given on Thursday February 9 and the Laval prosecutor’s office is closely following this case. A criminal investigation has been opened.

He is a man in his thirties who was reported by the director of the Pierre and Marie Curie school in Mayenne. A very precise description was made in an internal message sent to parents of students at the establishment. This individual allegedly requested sexual acts from children who were alone in the streets of the city.

Mayor Jean-Pierre Le Scornet was informed on Thursday, he is in contact with the public prosecutor of Laval and the prefect of Mayenne, who are closely following this case.

Messages on social networks mentioning that this man had also been seen in Laval and at L’Huisserie are false according to the gendarmerie. An investigation, entrusted to the Mayenne gendarmerie brigade, is underway and research is continuing to try to get their hands on the prowler.

Ready for a CHALLENGE?

The 5th Edition of the MAYDAY “tough mudder” event has been announced. It will take place near Mayenne town (Centre de Loisirs

Les Châteliers, 53100 Mayenne) on 9th April 2023. You must be 14 or older to compete.

The course is 10 kms long, with 40 obstacles to overcome. Places are limited (max 2000)

Orange finalizes the deployment of Fibre Optic Internet in the Mayenne

In Mayenne, the deployment of fibre optic internet is coming to an end for Orange customers.

With Sarthe, Mayenne is one of the French departments where the deployment of fibre is the most advanced, according to Alexandre Cros, director of institutional relations at Orange for these two departments . All operators combined, 177,000 fibre optic boxes have been installed in the Mayenne. There are still around 5,000 homes to be connected in rural areas, equipped by Orange on behalf of Mayenne fibre. “We still have to connect 1,000 addresses in Laval and Château-Gontier, out of 43,000”, declared Véronique Fontaine, the group’s new regional delegate. In Mayenne, Orange employs 200 people and estimates that it employs three to four times as many with its subcontractors.

2023 will see efforts continue to “go all the way”, knowing that 100% will never be reached since new buildings are always being built. “The commitments had been made on the basis of housing in 2014. Today, in Château-Gontier, we are at more than 150% of this figure”, slips Alexandre Cros.

The end of the copper network…

“We will have deployed fibre in less than 15 years in France, compared to 40 years for copper and 90 years for electricity. For Orange, this represented an investment of 9 billion euros”, explains Véronique Fontaine. Orange is considering the next steps and laying the foundations for decommissioning copper, ie stopping the use of these cables for ADSL internet. For Mayenne, in December 2022, an experimental procedure was launched for the village of Livre-la-Touche. A second trial will follow, bringing together 40 municipalities in the Laval agglomeration.

In November 2024, the copper “ADSL” offer will be closed to new customers. Then in November 2025, the service will be closed. This means that customers will need to have migrated to fibre or other technologies. Dismantling operations will then begin.

Orange is also continuing to roll out 5G. “Most users do not need such performance, but it will be valuable for industry, emergency services, e-health, connected vehicles”, predicts Véronique Fontaine. Seventeen sites have already been equipped in the extended urban areas of Laval and Mayenne.

LAVAL 53000

Yorkshire Terrier killed by 2 other dogs in Laval: appeal for witnesses.

The tragic incident happened this Wednesday, February 8 around noon, in front of the exit of the Immaculate Conception school.

As she returned home with her dog, Annie crossed from rue Crossardière, at the corner of rue du Lieutenant. There was a young woman with two big dogs on a leash, ” there was a big staff and another small hound ,” she says.

In front of Annie and a crowd of students coming out of class, Guizmo was torn to pieces. Within minutes, he succumbed to his injuries.

Last September, Annie adopted Guizmo (aged 10). Originally, the Yorkshire belonged to friends. A complaint has been filed at the Gendarmerie.

If you were present in front of the Immaculate Conception this Wednesday, February 8 around 12 p.m. and you wish to testify, please contact the police.

Gendarmerie National, 61 All. des Français Libres, 53000 Laval

Phone: 02 43 59 57 10

In Mayenne. Problems on the mobile phone network

​Users of the Bouygues Telecom and SFR mobile telephone networks have been experiencing reception problems since Tuesday February 7, 2023. The operator Bouygues Telecom indicates that everything is back to normal on Thursday February 9 at 3 p.m. after maintenance work .

Faulty mobile phone mast in Mayenne

On Wednesday, the unions announced a fifth day of strikes and demonstrations, February 16. They also confirmed on Thursday that they are planning a sixth day of strikes and demonstrations against the pension reform on Tuesday March 7, after the school holidays, and when the government’s project will be debated in the Senate.

And there will be a “special initiative” on the 8th, in connection with International Women’s Rights Day,” Yvan Ricordeau, CFDT national secretary, told AFP.

IT’S OFFICIAL! The Olympic torch will pass through the department on 29th May 2024. Locations to be confirmed.

GORRON 53120

Local restaurant to change hands…. Could it be for you?


In order to improve the quality of the electricity network, Enedis will need to cut the power in several sectors of Gorron

– Wednesday, February 8 between 8:00 am and 2:15 pm rue Paul-Cézanne at numbers 1 to 3, 2 to 10, 8T, 10B, 8B, 6B, 6T, 4T, 4B and 2B.

– Wednesday, February 8, between 12:50 and 3:55 p.m. La Grille, Route de Fougères, Villeneuve and Le Ricolet.

Thursday, February 9 between 8:30 am and 4 pm at L’Épine.

– Friday, February 10, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. in the neighborhood of the Route de Fougères industrial zone, BP 18.

– Thursday, March 2, between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m., at Le Petit Domfront.

Companies, craftsmen, shops, if your activity is affected by these power cuts, Enedis will notify you by email, SMS, and by mail.

Just a reminder that today (Tuesday 7th Feb) and Saturday, you can expect disruption due to strike action. The national federations of Mines and Energy, Chemical Industries, Ports and docks and railway workers are calling for a 48-hour strike on February 7 and 8.

So the ports are on strike for 48 hours. Refineries and distribution are also affected.

Trains, schools and public services are also on strike. For more info click this link:


After two and a half months of closure, the grocery store in Montjean (Mayenne) will reopen on February 15. Anthony Briand, a 29-year-old young man, is taking over the business which will also be a bread depot, post office, parcel relay and Crédit Agricole counter.

The village has been looking for a buyer for the shop after the retirement of its former owner on December 1st.

When he saw the Mayor’s announcement, Anthony Briand said to himself that he could not miss the opportunity. “It came from an idea of ​​my mother who had a grocery store in Astillé. I always wanted to take over a business.”

France Bleu Mayenne

€8,000 invested by the new grocer, nearly €6,000 by the municipality.

GORRON 53120

Jean-Marc Allain, the mayor of Gorron, will be interviewed on February 8, 2023 in Angers by the judicial police, “as part of a preliminary investigation opened by the Laval prosecutor’s office” for “Illegal taking of interests and favoritism “.

Last week, the municipal council, voted unanimously to give him the “functional protection” so his attorney’s fees will be covered. It is a complaint filed on January 20, 2020 which is the source of his legal difficulties.

Originally elected in June 1995, he has continued to be re-elected, during the 2nd round of the last election in 2021 he secured 61% of the votes.

A citizens’ association (Association des citoyens Gorronnais) was created in November 2022 to bring pressure on the Mayor and his deputies concerning in particular the purchase of a building last year to lease it to the company ARC, which specializes in the manufacture of agricultural trailers.

Speaking at a council meeting in December 2022, Mr Allain said “I have always done my best for the general interest of Gorron. We may have made mistakes, but mistakes are human. We are not legal professionals. I am very disappointed and regret this atmosphere of suspicion and intimidation in which we find ourselves today. I hope for a quick return to calm, and to pleasant and cordial exchanges. Recently, both the association and the opposition municipal councilor: Pascal Martin have been challenging the Mayor and his municipal team.


Residential burglaries in the Mayenne jumped 40% between 2021 and 2022 in Mayenne.

It’s the biggest increase in any department.

According to the Mayenne gendarmerie, these figures should not be taken out of context: during Covid restrictions in 2020 & 2021 there were significantly fewer burglaries, so the comparison with 2022 will seem more striking.

To download all the crime figures for Mayenne in 2022, click HERE

Saint-Denis-de-Gastines 53500

An agricultural shed burned down on the night of Sunday February 5 to Monday February 6, 2023 in Mayenne, in Saint-Denis-de-Gastines. There were no injuries but the building (over 300m²), horticultural equipment and two vehicles were destroyed in the fire. Firefighters and Police responded, an investigation is underway.

New Prefect for Mayenne

The new Prefect, Marie-Aimée GASPARI, was welcomed this Monday morning by Mr Bruno Bertier, 1st Deputy Mayor of Laval, at the Hôtel-de-Ville. The mayor, Florian Bercault, is currently on paternity leave following the birth of his 2nd child. Mme Gaspari was appointed following the departure of Xavier Lefort. The ceremony took place at the War Memorial.

Laval La Ville
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