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Ambrières les Vallées 53300

animal services in the Mayenne

Kathryn Sanderson muddypaws53@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 0243112986

Andouillé 53240

Sweet Home Dog: Dog training and Agility classes

La Souravais, 53240 Andouillé, Tel: 0680380410 https://www.facebook.com/sweethomedog/

Brecé 53120

HARAS DU BREIL, 1 Le Bois du Breil, 53120 Brécé. Tel: 0609101081 https://www.haras-du-breil-53.fr/

Boarding kennels & Doggy Day Care. Agility & Behavioural Training

Craon 53400

Terre de Légendes, Le Riffray, 53350 Brains sur les Marches https://www.terredelegendes.fr/ terredelegendes.contact@gmail.com Tel: ENGLISH SPOKEN!

Ernée 53500

Bel Amy: Pet Grooming 5 Bel air, 53500 Ernée Tel: 0243057942

Gorron 53120

 Les Creatures Comforts, La Rousselière, 53120 Saint-Aubin-Fosse-Louvain Tel: 02 43 04 76 99 https://www.lescreaturecomforts.com/ ENGLISH SPOKEN!

La Baconnière 53240

Pension canine Nounou Toutou Matou – Home boarding for dogs. Chem. de la Roderie, 53240 La Baconnière Tel: 0683308882

Mayenne 53100

Aristo’Chiens: Pet Grooming 10 Rue Henri Gandais, 53100 Mayenne Tel: 0686049504 https://www.aristo-chiens.fr/

Dody Dog Grooming 42 Rue du 130ÈME Régiment d’Infanterie, 53100 Mayenne. Tel: 0243301431

Parné sur Roc 53260

EDUCANINE 53 L’Orbereau – 53260 PARNÉ-SUR-ROC Tel: educanine53@gmail.com https://educanine53.fr/

Pré-en-Pail Saint Samson 53140

Au Calin du Chien: Pet Grooming. 141 Rue Aristide Briand, 53140 Pré-en-Pail-Saint-Samson Tel: 0243321080 https://www.facebook.com/aucalinduchien

Saint Berthevin la Tannière 53220

Canis Disciplina 1 Montigné Neuf 53220 Saint Berthevin la Tannière Tel: 06-87-08-61-40 canis.disciplina53@gmail.com https://www.canisdisciplina.fr/

Saint Georges Buttavent 53100

Woof Parc, 1 Les Coupelleries, 53100 Saint-Georges-Buttavent Tel: 0617664415 Email: lewouafparc@gmail.com


Saint-Mars-du-Désert 53700

Terre d’Espirits: We make the well-being of you and/or your animal our daily priority! ​We suggest an indivualized and holistic approach, starting from your specific situation, and propose an accompaniment for you, your animal or the both of you. Our starting point is energetic healing, but we can also provide Bachflower advice, equine fascia support and many other services. Do note our services never replace a medical (veterinary) diagnostic or treatment. ENGLISH SPOKEN! https://bit.ly/Terredespirits

Outside the Department

Buais 50640

Acorn Kennels & Cattery, Le Chateau, 50640 Buais Tel: 02 33 49 63 22 www.acornkennelsandcattery.com boarding@acornkennelsandcattery.com ENGLISH SPOKEN!

Les Loges Marchis 50600

Baths, Barks & Boarding: Grooming, Doggy Daycare & Boarding https://www.bathsbarksandboarding.com/ pennyclarke2005@gmail.com ENGLISH SPOKEN!

Lonlay l’Abbaye 61700

Lonlay Kennels, La Bouvetiere, Lonlay L’Abbaye, 61700 Tel: 0233656220 https://lonlaykennels.com/ ENGLISH SPOKEN!

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