Before taking out an internet or mobile subscription, we have all wondered which is the best internet or mobile operator in France. Which operator receives the best reception at home? Who has the best quality of service? The best prices?

  • Bouygues, Sosh, Free and RED are the operators who offer the cheapest prices for internet or mobile offers, especially for the first 12 months.
  • In terms of Landline network quality , there is no clear winner, although there are variations in terms of commissioning time, breakdown rate (SFR score best) and fault repair time.
  • In terms of mobile networks , Orange has slightly better mobile reception quality than its competitors. Coverage in 4G and 5G is close from one operator to another.

Internet offers from the main operators – Prices valid from September 18, 2023

By Operator Lowest price Average price Highest price

Bouygues Telecom

€ 18.99 /month € 26.99 /month € 32.99 /month


€ 19.99 /month € 29.99 /month € 39.99 /month


€ 20.99 /month € 29.99 /month € 35.99 /month


€ 24.99 /month € 32.99 /month € 37.99 /month

Orange is the internet operator with the most extensive network in France : it covers the most homes, both in ADSL and Fiber. However, depending on the location of your home, another operator may be better established in your area and be the only one to offer fiber optic internet.

To find out which operators are available in your area, consult this interactive map:

Here’s a recent comparison of how long each operator takes to repair faults:

You can check the Mobile Signal coverage in your area by operator by clicking HERE.