Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience with our directory of skilled massage therapists in the Mayenne. Choose from a variety of therapeutic techniques tailored to your needs, including Swedish, deep-tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, and reflexology. Treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating massage, restoring balance and harmony. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the healing touch of Mayenne’s finest massage therapists. Book your session today and rediscover the art of relaxation in our exquisite sanctuaries.

Massage du Bien-être, 3 Champs Elysées 53370 Gesvres

massage therapists in the mayenne

Massage du Bien-être, 3 Champs Elysées 53370 Gesvres

Unwind and Revitalise with Massage du bien-être by Philip!

Discover a haven of tranquillity and rejuvenation with Massage du Bien-être, where Philip, a skilled and nurturing massage therapist, awaits to guide you on a path to blissful relaxation.

Philip brings years of expertise and a genuine passion for healing to each session. With his extensive knowledge of various massage techniques, including Swedish, hot stones, deep tissue, and using aromatherapy oils, he tailors every treatment to your specific needs and preferences.

Step into a serene sanctuary, where soft music and aromatic scents envelop you in a world of serenity. Philip’s intuitive touch will dissolve your stress, melt away muscle tension, and restore harmony to your body and mind.

At Massage du Bien-être, your well-being is their top priority. Whether you seek relief from aches and pains or simply desire a revitalising escape, Philip’s personalised care will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Looking for massage therapists in the Mayenne? Experience the transformative power of massage with Philip at Massage du Bien-être. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey to complete relaxation and well-being. You deserve it!

Contact Philip on Instagram , through his website , or by phone/text: +33 7 57 06 39 45. Massage du Bien-être, 3 Champs Elysées 53370 Gesvres

Benoît Durand-Gasselin – Shiatsu Practitioner Château-Gontier sur Mayenne : 8 bis Avenue Carnot, 53200 (cabinet d’Ostéopathie) 

Main Shiatsu training courses
École de Shiatsu Thérapeutique de Paris from 2018 to 2022 (4 years), Dynamic ongoing training: numerous courses in Paris, Brussels and Montreal, Union Francophone des Professionels de Shiatsu Thérapeutique.

Health Vitality Tranquillity – Laetitia (Naturopath) 53300 Saint-Mars-sur-Colmont

A teacher for over 20 years, with a degree in cellular biology and physiology, and training in neuropsychology (child development and learning), neuroscience, positive psychology, emotion management, naturopathy, amma assis massage, palm reflexology, PSC1… I work as a naturopath, amma assis massage practitioner (shiatsu), palm reflexology, acupressure and teacher. 53300 Saint-Mars-sur-Colmont

Valérie VANDENBROUCKE Wellness Massage Practitioner 22 allée Emmanuel Mounier, 53000 LAVAL

Naturopath, Wellness massage practitioner, Yoga teacher More info…..

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T J Littleford (EI) Well-Being Massage

53190 Fougerolles du Plessis

English Spoken!

Muscle Relaxation (head, neck, back & muscle ache) Acupressure (no needles) Nerve Compression Reduction (tennis elbow, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome) Musculoskeletal Manipulation (joint and spine pain) Mobile – 06 36 07 92 66

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