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How to find your tax numbers to create your online tax account?

  • Your tax number

Your 13-digit tax number is the unique identifier that you use for all your tax procedures. It appears at the top of the first page of your last tax return.
You can also find it on the main tax documents sent to you (income tax and local tax notices, etc.).
If you already have access to your space by password and you have lost your tax number, find it by clicking in the help section “Where to find your tax number?” », then on the link “receive your tax number by email”.

It is important to keep your tax number, you will need it for each connection.

  • Your online access number

Your online access number appears on the first page of your last tax return.

However, if you are subject to the automatic income tax declaration, your public finance center will be able to communicate this to you.

This number also appears on the mail you received this year:

  • if you are a first-time filer aged 20 and over, attached the previous year to your parents’ tax household;
  • if your spouse has created their own space, in the upper right box of their online declaration.

This number changes every year . Enter the number displayed on the last income tax return received.

However, if you do not have your latest tax return, you can use the online access number found on the previous year’s return.

  • Your reference tax income

Your reference tax income can be found on the first page of your last income tax notice in the “Your references” box.

It can also be found in the details of your taxation in the “additional information” section, if it does not appear in the “Your references” box (in particular if you have received a tax relief notice).

Particular case :

If you were attached to your parents’ household, indicate “0” in the “Reference tax income” area.


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