Whether you want a weekend of romance or just one evening, we have lots of ideas for romantic outings in the Mayenne…

La Cabane du Bon Chemin, Spa 42, rue Jean Macé – 53000 LAVAL

This very comfortable cabin, heated and insulated, of 26 m², has a sleeping area with storage, 1 double bed 140×190, 1 retractable bed 90*190. Television, WiFi and an equipped kitchen to prepare your meals.

A bathroom with large walk-in shower, sink and toilet. We provide gloves and towels and bed linen.

You can enjoy the terrace covered with a 7 m² glass roof on stilts accessible by the bay window overlooking the garden, the pond and a view of our stone house.
From the terrace a staircase will lead you to a second shaded terrace on the ground floor and thus stroll in the garden.


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The Forge Restaurant, 53100 Fontaine Daniel

Why not eat a leisurely lunch at the magnificent Forge Restaurant in Fontaine Daniel? Followed by a romantic stroll around the lake and maybe a coffee in the charming épicerie and book/health store?

8 Pl. de l’Ondine, 53100 Saint-Georges-Buttavent

Phone: 0243003485


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Boulangerie Renault, Mayenne

Whether you have a sweet tooth or a savoury one, call in to Boulangerie Renault in Mayenne for some of their delicious creations…..

17 Pl. du 9 Juin 1944, 53100 Mayenne

Phone: 0243044341


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L’Éveil des Sens, Mayenne

429 Boulevard Paul Lintier, 53100 Mayenne

The only restaurant in the Mayenne that has a Michelin Star!

The star-crossed lovers of Chateau Gontier……

Trace the footsteps of the ill-fated lovers: Lucréce Mercier and Georges Cadoudal.

Lucrece was the sister of Pierre-Mathurin who became a general in 1792 and found himself at the head of 300,000 strong royalist army during the Vendée uprising. Their family owned the inn: Hôtellerie du Louvre in Château Gontier.

Pierre and his friend Georges Cadoudal, captain of a company of Bretons, sought refuge in the inn during the winter of 1793 after a heavy defeat. Georges and Lucréce fell madly in love and were soon engaged but Georges returned to lead his men against the republican forces.

They reunited briefly in 1795 but the royalist army was doomed and Georges was executed at the guillotine in Paris in 1804. Devastated, Lucréce took the veil and the name of Sister Saint-Paul joining the Ursuline convent in 1809 . She died in 1831 .

Leave behind the timber-framed houses of the old town and walk along the river, heading towards the sumptuous Maison Marsollier Restaurant for a love-affirming, first-class dinner!

Logis Hôtel Oasis La Sourderie. Route de Javron. 53700 VILLAINES LA JUHEL

Located in the North East of Mayenne, our hotel is an old restored farmhouse that will welcome you in an authentic setting. All our rooms are equipped with a TV, mini bar and wifi. Some of them are equipped with a bubble bath or a jacuzzi. To relax, we have a bar, a billiard room, a fitness room and a park with a pond and miniature golf.

La Chaussée d’Olivet – 26, rte de Saint-Ouen-des-Toits – 53410 Olivet

Calm and relaxation awaits you in this beautiful Chambre d’Hôtes. The soothing colors, highlighted by the rays of the sun give this house its charm and romantic character.

You can make the most of your stay by taking a walk to the Salvert and enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner with a view of the village lake.
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